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2022 U15 AAA

Barrie Colts U15 AAA

15 Nolan Jackson

Jackson is a solid two-way defenceman with good size and good skill. He is a very smooth skater who reads the game exceptionally well. Very active offensively and knows when to jump up. Very good defensively with an active stick and uses his body well.

55 Hudson Wiles

Wiles is an offensive defenceman with good hands and a good shot from  the point. Holds the line very well and walks it with ease finding the shooting  lanes. Good skater and recovers well defensively.

Logan Hawery

Hawery is a skilled centre with good speed and a high hockey IQ. Has good hands paired with good vision and a very good release makes him incredibly dangerous offensively.


19 Jacob Crawford

Crawford a big centre who plays a 200 foot game. He is a good skater with good hockey IQ and playmaking abilities. Has good hands and is very strong on the puck, very rarely losing puck battles.


9 Owen Bruining

Bruining is a goal scoring winger with good speed and a great release. Finds the open ice and creates high danger scoring chances. Has good hands and is always looking to shot.




Peterborough Petes U15 AAA

12 William McFadden

McFadden  is a skilful winger with good speed and great hands. Carries the play offensively for his team and loves to attack with speed. Is very shifty and often makes defenders miss checks. Always around the puck and is very engaged all over the ice.

14 Owen Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is a creative winger with a solid release and good hands. Creates a lot of scoring chances for his team and uses his speed to get around defenders.

44 Andrew MacNeil

MacNeil is a solid two-way defenceman with good hockey IQ. Very good in his own end with and without the puck. Patient with the puck on his stick waiting for lanes to open up and makes the right pass. Good skater with hard accurate passes. Very good on the powerplay and reads the game well.

63 Max Seon

Seon is a smart, speedy winger who makes the right play every time he steps on the ice. Has good hands and good vision, finding open teammates in high danger areas. Undersized, therefore a lot of room for growth.


York Simcoe Express

25 Kassius Peters

Peters is a speedy winger with good hands and a high motor. He is relentless on the forecheck and loves finishing his hits. Very vocal, always calling for the puck and uses his speed and skill to create chances. Good hockey IQ and puts himself in good positions around the net.


19 Owen Meli

Meli is a strong centre with good size and skill. He is a good skater with a good release and good hockey IQ. Loves to attack the middle of the ice and has good vision finding his wingers on the rush.

24 Justin Handsor

Handsor is a towering defenceman who is very solid defensively using his stick and size to his advantage. Very smart and always has his head up making a good breakout pass. Has good offensive upside as he likes to jump up in the rush and quarterbacks the first powerplay unit. Walks the line well and has a good strong shot.

18 Isaac Oldenhof

Oldenhof is a strong defenceman who is extremely steady at the back end. Has good gap control, reads the game extremely well and is rarely ever beat. Steps up well and loves to throw his body around. Very smart and makes the right play all game long.

23 Ryan Brown

Brown is a smart two-way centre who plays a good 200 foot game. Good skater with good skill, vision and a good shot making him an offensive threat.


Southern Tier Admirals

4 Kaleb Dietsch

Dietsch is a very solid defenceman with great defensive instincts and good offensive upside. Very gritty and physical in his own end and uses his stick to break up plays. Patient with the puck and makes the right read. Jumps up when necessary and has good shot from the blue line.



Central Ontario Wolves

15 Carson Cameron

Cameron  is a smooth skating defenceman with great offensive instincts who loves to jump up in the rush. Very smart with good vision always finding open teammates. Has a good release and is always looking to create offence.

7 Zach Wilson

Wilson is a huge defenceman  who is very solid. Nothing flashy but plays an extremely smart game, using his long reach and size to his advantage defensively. Very smart with the puck making the easy play in his own end. Good first pass and keeps everything in front of him.


2022 U15 AAA

Toronto Marlboros U15 AAA

44 Mattheus Stark

Stark is a very good two way centreman with a high hockey IQ and is very poised in every aspect of the game. Is a very smooth skater with great hands and good vision. Plays a 200 foot game and turns defense into offence in an instant with his great speed and play making abilities.

58 Sebastian Dell’Elce

Dell’Elce is a very solid two way defenceman with great instincts and reads the game extremely well. Has good size and uses that to his advantage defensively. Is very smart and patient, allowing lanes to open up to make a good first pass. Very calm under pressure and uses his good edge work to get away from forcheckers and turn it up ice.

19 Jeremy Martin

With a great combination of speed, size and skill, Martin is an extremely dangerous offensive player. Add a great release on top of that and he is primed to score a lot of goals. Very quick along the wing creating a lot of odd man rushes and finds the open ice for himself. Isn’t afraid to take guys on 1 on 1 as he possesses great hands and finds ways to get to the net.

33 Lev Katzin

Katzin is a solid two way centreman who is the energy plug for this team. Even though he isn’t the biggest out there, he continued to lay a number of monstrous hits and give his team life. Works hard every shift and shows flashes of creativity offensively.

13 Kieran Witkowski

Witkowski possesses great speed and play making abilities as a pass first winger. Has great hands and always has his head up looking to find open teammates. Is very deceptive and uses head fakes and fake shots to his advantage to beat defenders or find teammates who are wide open because of his deceptiveness.

11 Aidan Lane

Lane is a big forward with good hands and a good release. Finds open ice and likes to shoot from everywhere. Continued to create offence all game, beating multiple defenders.

8 Austin Gao

Gao is a solid defensive defenceman with a good active stick and has great defensive awareness. Has good gap control, is a good skater and is very calm under pressure. Makes the easy play and headman’s the puck well.



Toronto Nationals U15 AAA

4 Kieran Riley

Riley is a two way defenceman who drives the play for his team. Is very poised and calm under pressure making the right play in his own end. Has great vision, patience and plays a very smart two way game. Good skater with great edge work, slipping away from forecheckers and jumping up in the rush as much as possible. Uses his speed to create offence and always get pucks through from the point.

88 Franco Brandolino

Brandolino is a skilled, shifty forward with good hands who is dangerous around the net. With a quick first step and good vision he thrives in odd man rushes and finds open lanes.

9 Luke Howard

Howard is a solid defenceman who plays well at both ends of the ice. Good active stick defensively and is calm with the puck under pressure, head-maning the puck well. Good skater and smart player who makes the right reads.


11 Chase Del Colombo

Del Colombo is a center who drives the play offensively for his team. Good speed, good hands and vision attacking the middle of the ice and creating space for his teammates.



Don Mills Flyers U15 AAA

21 Chris Paolone

Paolone is a quick, smooth skating defenceman who’s very shifty and likes to jump up in the rush. Has good hands for a defenceman and has his head up making sure to make a good first pass. Great recovery speed and closes the gap well.



Mississauga Rebels U15 AAA

21 Kyle Secko

Secko is a very solid, smooth skating two-way defenceman with good size. Makes the easy play but also has the ability to make good stretch passes. Holds the line well and get pucks through to the net.

12 Ethan Czata

Czata is a good offensive winger with good speed and good hands. Has a good release and is dangerous on the powerplay. Smart player and finds the open ice to create scoring chances.

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